Growth and change—within the mind

There’s something I have been so frustrated with, a nervous energy that expands inside me, that researches, explores, is never satisfied, and never quite reaches the original goal. A part of not reaching an original goal, could be blamed on several logical and deeply psychological impulses I share with the human race. For one, I am never in a solid state of feeling that doesn’t change. Secondly, I am bombarded with a self induced influx of images through technology on a day to day basis. It is like a drug to me, images and sounds. My whole life revolves around this stimulus to help me survive in my soul, that part of me that reaches further and deeper than mundane. But to process this level of information that is at my finger tips is a bit like a junkie, somehow going through aftershock, while still doing the drug, (looking at pictures). It is probably not a good thing that I am always looking for information. Because I have too much. It blocks a certain level of creative flow, and yet creates it at the same time. I minored in art history. I am talking about overindulging in art on the internet. I could be a curator, I love what other people do. I have decided that maybe this passion should not rot holes in myself causing a stumbling block on my own creation. Maybe I should share what I come across on the great inter webs. For this is all too much information for me anyway. Thank you have a good night. And PS, I am busy watching tutorials. I will post a video or image of this “article” maybe someday. Hahahaha!!!

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