knowing when to finish

Besides being overwhelmed by subject matter and technique that I touched on in my last blog post, there is also a skill of knowing when to finish that is unique, and definitely a question (especially painter’s) ask themselves on a regular basis. I am no authoritative on the matter, in fact I’m not. I have this problem on a daily basis. Or at least whenever I am working on a painting. I especially have this problem when I am working on an abstract painting, one that I have not planned out at all. So instead of me explaining this dilemma, if you are an artist, perhaps you will enjoy finding the solution as well as I. So here goes: some links for you.

calling a painting done:Huffington Post
Artist Network

And so, I realize that perhaps I need more objective of purpose in my paintings. Maybe I need to ask myself more before the process starts. But in actuality, it is the process itself that fascinates me.

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