the ever dreaded, and then changed direction

In case you didn’t see my last Instagram post, I’ve been held up. I broke my collar bone Nov. 10. I had surgery to fix it just Friday before last, and the surgery has helped the pain go away. I was in 10 days of severe pain, with little pain killers before they could fit me in for surgery. Needless to say, I did not get a lot of projects finished nor new one’s I had plans for, for the holidays. Today is the first day that I have actually been creative since it happened, due to the injury being my left arm and I am left handed. Good news is I have invested in new equipment, but bad news is it cost a lot, and I haven’t been able to use it during a profitable time of year (the holidays). But good news is I still own it, and will be better able to create my own designs, saving money in the long run. I won’t lie, that since I quit my job back in July, and have been solely living off of my small business, it has been a bit scary. In fact, I should and would’ve taken a seasonal job to supplement my income till Spring. However, due to this injury I can’t work. Literally for the first time in my life, working is not an option, and I have to sit back and deal with that while on the road to re-covery. Its like an angry demon coming to the surface. The one I met before, don’t like and like a bad drunk uncle have to hang out with for the next 3 months.

Great life.
What’s next.

Then I had a real life kind of understanding. All the sudden this injury fits into my mind and the story I tell myself day to day. I am forced to sit back and listen to my mind, go on repeat, and talk to myself the same problems over and over, and sometimes,…well….a lot of solitude can either make one mad, in a crazy way, or completely content, wrestling and slaying demons in some other nether nether world. Its like a super focus came into my mind today, of all the things I can be doing to better my life. I suddenly felt well enough to join life again today.

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