NorthTrain Designs is a small design company specializing in original hand drawn and painted designs on clothing and accessories. Currently there is a tee shirt line, limited edition clutch purses, and screen prints on old maps and music pages. My favorite thing to do is be outside in the natural world, one place I find peace of mind, and can be in the present moment. One of my most treasured goals and reasons for having my own business, is to be able to afford a life of travel where I am painting, writing, and taking pictures.

I have a strong interest in natural dyes and various dyeing techniques such as shibori and hand painting on textiles, weaving, and crochet/knitting. This is slowly trickling into my process, in that I am offering very limited edition runs of hand dyed clothing, and on my spare time I start a lot of knitting and crochet projects that I may or may not finish. Ultimately, I would like to be a master free form knitter/crochet artist making wall hangings incorporating natural dyes into the process.

I am constantly inspired by images I come across in the natural world of my own life, pinterest, and Instagram. If you enjoy those things follow me over there!

I am also pretty excited to be selling art prints, original paintings, and limited edition clothing on my Instagram shop. I just started it, so follow me over there, and stay tuned for some really special and exciting projects coming to completion on there!